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Wrecker is a 2015 Canadian Thriller film written and directed by Micheal Bafaro. It stars Anna Hutchison and Drea Whitburn as friends on a road trip who are menaced by a psychopathic tow truck driver.  


A husband and wife become stranded on a stretch of road known as Devil’s Pass. When their cell phone reception cuts out, they wait for help. Elsewhere, Emily joins her friend Leslie on a road trip after she becomes frustrated with her boyfriend, who she believes may have cheated on her. Emily drives their Ford Mustang as Leslie begins drinking their beer. At a fork, Leslie stops Emilyy and suggests they take Devil’s Pass. After deliberating, Emily agrees.

Before long, they become stuck behind a foul-smelling tow truck that carries the earlier couple’s car. Annoyed that the driver would not pull over to let them pass, Leslie curses the driver after they speed past it.                            

    never provoke a truck driver…