What we do

Arturo & Mario Production was established to produce quality films that appeal to niche and mainstream audiences on an international level. The company has several in-house projects in development on an ongoing basis, and produces one to two films a year, depending on the nature of the project. It also provides production services to external film companies wishing to produce their projects in Italy. The scope of services, both internal and external, includes all administrative functions of the production, from budgeting and scheduling to the preparation, filing and collection of tax credits.

EASYCINEMA is committed to two primary efforts: setting itself apart in the international marketplace with a recognizable brand of content and quality, and providing producers with safe and solid representation as a reputable sales agent for all their film projects.
EASYCINEMA operates with an open-book policy for all of our clients, providing clear and concise details of our entire distribution process. We encourage negotiable contracts and deal terms as well as offering comprehensive sales and expense reports to provide you with control and understanding every step of the way. Our experienced sales team brings key relationships and clients with each of the territory’s top distributors. We will always be on hand to communicate and assist with any query or concern you may have. We pride ourselves on our customer service and guarantee that there will be consistent contact between our company and yours throughout the entire distribution process.

Distribution VOD

EASY CINEMA  Advertised Video On Demand (EASY A-VOD), il servizio permette la visione gratuita del contenuto, supportata dal fornitore del servizio attraverso la vendita di spazi pubblicitari pre acquisiti da un Partners che a sua volta lo offrirà come Gift o come offerta speciale alla sua clientela.Il servizio EASY A-VOD di EASY CINEMA offrirà contenuti in esclusiva Nazionale  da poco usciti al cinema e mai trasmessi in TV.  il servizio sarà attivo dal 1 giugno con una offerta di 10 film in esclusiva ogni mese per 3 mesi, oltre ai contenuti in esclusiva sulla piattaforma sarà possibile vedere anche altri contenuti come documentari, soap. web series inclusi nel pacchetto Exclusiv Easy.  il servizio non prevede la vendita al pubblico diretta, ma solo ed esclusivamente con la vendita si spazi ADV o con operazioni di co-marketing con le partner ships.

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EASY CINEMA  Advertised Video On Demand  (EASY A-VOD), the service uses the free view of content, supported by the service provider through the sale of advertising space pre acquired by a partner who in turn will offer it as a gift or as a special offer to its customers. EASY CINEMA’s EASY A-VOD service will offer exclusive national content that has just been released to the cinema and never released on TV. the service will be active from June 1 with an offer of 10 exclusive films every month for 3 months, in addition to exclusive content on the platform will be possible to see other content such as documentaries, soap. web series included in the Exclusiv Easy package. The service does not provide for direct sale to the public, but only and exclusively with the sale is ADV spaces or with co-marketing partner ships.


Arturo & Mario production is a film production and distribution company focused on providing high quality feature films to the worldwide market place. The company’s management team has extensive production experience and has developed strong relationships with domestic and international buyers. Our commitment to excellence in producing filmed entertainment is evident in our ongoing efforts to achieve our own unique brand of leading-edge motion pictures.
The company’s mandate is to develop, produce and distribute quality, innovative film properties. We strive to continually source out new ideas and to develop a constant flow of quality scripts. Establishing relationships with Hollywood-based talent has greatly influenced how we develop our in-house projects. Our high standards help to attract A-list and crew to our projects.
Arturo & Mario production also provides production services to external film companies wishing to produce their projects in Italy or abroad. The scope of our services, both internal and external, includes all administrative functions of the production, from budgeting and scheduling, to the preparation filing and collection of tax credits.

EASYCINEMA is actively involved with the financing of quality feature films. The company serves a range of purposes, ultimately working to develop, produce and release quality film and media products to the entertainment marketplace and audiences around the world. EasyCinema can provide alternate levels of financing such as Tax Credits, Minimum Guarantees and Gap Financing. For further details, please contact us directly.